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  1. Still Have a strong JDM heart and have an FD RX7 to fill that need. But was looking for something a bit different and I have had CRX's and civics before and loved the hi revving NA. But the braking and handling on the clio is second to none. You can just beat on it and drive it ten tenths and it delivers. Driving style is somewhat different not being able to rely on solid torque out of corners you have to carry much more mid corner speed. An extra 30 horsepower would be great
  2. Just saying hi , new to the forum and renault ownership. Purchased a white 09 R27 F1 clio which I think had a previous owner on here. Love the car absolutely amazing handling and stopping ability, it has really blown me away. I come from a heavy JDM background so this was a complete new path for me but really enjoying it Cheers
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