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  1. Schoey

    1St Day In A Clio

    Yep Dan's r27. Not quite home yet, 8hrs today and a few more yet. Hopefully a few more corners tomorrow
  2. Schoey

    1St Day In A Clio

    I think I'm in trouble 1. I was looking at the GPS screen every few seconds to see if there were any bends coming up. 2. I got really excited when the GPS informed me there was a roundabout just 97km away. 3. I would turn the music down when aforementioned roundabout came up so I could hear the car better. 4. Roundabouts are now my favourite thing, sorry sex and Toblerone you're now down to equal 2nd. 5. I find myself googling 'track days NSW'. 6. I've never named a car before, but lé gigglemobile deserves it, gigi for short. Please send help....
  3. Thanks for the advice guys. PS didn't join today, just first post, I'm not that bad hehe.
  4. Leap of faith It's a forum member who's been around for a while so I'm happy he's not selling a lemon (although the colour could be a bad sign ) I'm picking up, flight booked. How do I go about transfer of rego, insurance all that? I've started reading up, thanks google but thought there might be some experience here to put me on the right track.
  5. I'm slightly impulsive, twas an interesting phone call with the wife PS any tips re. interstate purchases?
  6. Well, that escalated quickly.... Looks like one less R27 in South Oz
  7. Matt's on the list too, and probably the smarter choice.
  8. Don't you worry, they're on the radar
  9. It's a daily (but quite low k) driver, just wanted something fun, possibly a track day or two, not looking to set records or do any modding. Still trying to get my head around the different models, from base to cup or r27, it's still mostly the same as far as engine/chassis goes? Just suspension?
  10. Hi all, I'm currently in the market for a clio and always start off my research with a forum search, looks like i have found a great one here, lots of reading in the last week or so. I started off keen on a 197 but I'm a bit worried about it deteriorating too quick on me as I won't be able to garage it so now I've started thinking 182/172 just for the bang for buck factor. How do these seem to go for rust? I live on the coast and rust seems to kill my cars before mechanical failure. Would I be mad to spend 10-15k on an R27 and park it in the driveway?
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