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  1. Would definitely be interested in a tshitt. What are members tags? anyone got any grey or white stickers left?
  2. Definitely after sticker/s if there's any about....
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    Hey guys Newbie here. Just bought a 2013 Megane Rs 265. back on black, 11xxx kms. Absolutely love it!! The only downsides are spongy brakes and (maybe it's just me) but I get interior creaks when driving on uneven surface (i.e, steep driveway) - but that said, when I put my foot down all that goes away. What a car!!! No plans for mods as it goes very well.... Unless anyone can recommend simple mods that make a difference - I.e I&in filter, etc... Any suggestions. Also, anyone successfully achieved gear change bark with an exhaust update? Or standard? I'll get some pics up soon Cheers
  4. Hey guys Just introducing myself. The proud new owner of a black on black 2013 Megane rs 265 cup. Man these things boogie!! The only thing that's missing is exhaust bark on gear change, but given the performance I'm still all smiles anyway!! Any tips on how to get the best out of these bad boys would be appreciated. Not looking to do too much at this stage, it's got enough to frighten me at times! Cheers
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