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  1. Fast idle means it gains revs up to between 2 to 3000 rpm. It's random and not self curing. A throttle blip doesn't seem to help although it can delay it?! This is happening more and more regularly which is frustrating considering it's been to the Renault service department twice. The first time, it had the throttle body cleaned and they carried out relearns. A month later, they swapped over accelerator pedals and checked values ... Also found a pcv/evap pipe broken and replaced it. Refitted original pedal, carried out several road tests and all ok. It was then ok for a little while but the problem soon came back.
  2. Hi DanSA Have been meaning to join for a while! We only ever run her on 98.... Why do you think that would make a difference? We can give it a try, for sure.
  3. Thanks for that clixx-io, will have a look at the Injector o-rings. Much appreciate the advice.
  4. Hi there! Bought a blood orange 225 a few months ago. It's a 2005 model and was obviously a much loved possession of its former owner Dan. We (wife and I) have enjoyed driving it around Adelaide and hills. Have put new Michelin tyres on it which induced uncontained joy ) Having issues though with fast idle at random times which is becoming tiresome as is happening more and more. Any suggestions / feedback would be appreciated. Renault dealer service team haven't yet solved the problem (took it there for service). Cheers, Wheelnut
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