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  1. micmat

    My first Renault

    Hi just bought an identical car in white--it's my 3rd RS ( had a 172 ,182 cup ) ,I love it ,but due for service so little use until I get that done next week ,at Alpine Affaire in Bayswater--I was very happy with them for my 182
  2. Same--been with them 2 years ,helpful on the phone ,--no claims tho
  3. I see--thought you meant gear knob Not sure TBH,but you can do a search or sometimes phone the spare parts guys at dealership--they will have an exploded view and can warn about hidden clips or screws Dont force it with a screw driver !
  4. Not sure what they look like,if you mean the top cap,it is just stuck on in my clio 2 I just flipped it off and re-covered it in leather as the graphic was very worn
  5. Nice in the FB I have one in MB but its life is a lot more sedate than your your little beastie has coming I suspect! Welcome
  6. micmat


    Hi --I have exactly the same model ,colour and all---also use it as a fun WE toy and find it good for long trips ( my other car does not have cc)---they are surprisngly comfortable for long distance travel. I have also done the belts and have very scratched up wheels --not sure what to do yet ,probably just touch up until due for new set of tyres Still undecided about the lip--may put the front down too much ? whats involved in the intake fitment
  7. Pretty sure the 205110 is right,which is my interest--also called Audi nimbus grey ,Ford graphite grey,Rover steel grey
  8. Hi Bobby Have just rejoined ( had a 172 10 years ago ) Just picked up my 182 cup--they are great little cars. Have a look at the article by James Munday ( Renault 172/182 buyers guide) Good luck with the hunt !
  9. micmat

    Returning Member

    Go kart is a good way to put it The car drives as well as I remember ( I had a 172 though ) and the cruise control will be a nice touch on longer trips which my 172 did not have
  10. micmat

    Returning Member

    I have had lots of cars ( showing my age here! ) and never before have I bought a model that have had previously ( had a string of golfs but all different ),so that says something I guess.
  11. Picked up my 182 cup today--its good to be back ! The car is absolutely stock. Quite an honest vehicle ,needs a good tidy up and some TLC,but is generally in very good condition. Had a 172 10 years ago ,kept for 2 years and regretted selling it ever since. This site is the best ,so keep up the good work and thank you.
  12. Which dealer in Vic did your belt for 1100 krishna?--I have been quoted at 1500 up ( for both belts ) TX
  13. Tx--I pick the car up next week and the owner may be able to find it--if not ,will def be interested as I am very nervous with just one key for this car
  14. Have only one key for this vehicle--I take it that it will have a transponder,and i am sure a dealer will charge a bit --any ideas? TX
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