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  1. Yeah I thought I would even up the BO count. Too many down south.. but then again Ive never seen one in Brisbane then I saw two BO cars a couple weeks apart. Might be the same car. Anyhow there is definitely two in Brissy now.
  2. Check out the photos in the members gallery"Melbourne to Brisbane RSC".
  3. Home safe and sound... Here's the route I took. Some amazing bits, some places I would avoid and everything in between. And yes photos are being problematic. Taken some brilliant shots but all are too large... Samsung phone...grrr. https://goo.gl/maps/Wwu5aWX5ciE2 Thanks again Ace for the drive. Hope I wasnt slowing you down too much... I saw a few people do a double take with the Blood Orange blur.. I think I agree, BO best colour. But I am biased now. Photos will be coming.
  4. Oxley HWay.....OMG! It must be done...
  5. Ok pulled up stump at Holbrook. Drove through Healsville and the Black spur. Through Mansfield, Whitfield and onto Beechworth. And some back roads to Holbrook. Didnt quite do what I had planned due to a late start leaving Mornington. Had to watch the boomers take on the deam team..Didnt get out of Dandenong until 1130! Up to Whitfield was awsome twisty section then from Whitfield to Oxley opened up lovely. Nice longer sweepers, beautiful back drop. Next bit, early start up the Hume take an exit on the old Hume up through Penrith then onto Putty Rd. Putty road looks imposing, should I do it? Does it go through the blue mountains. Grrr how do I upload photos here. Not the playing the game.. West or East of the Blue Monutains?? Probably could do the Oxley twice...This west road looks, like you say, epic...
  6. DAY1: https://goo.gl/maps/mh9bLx7rA542 Mornington Peninsula to Yass DAY2: https://goo.gl/maps/Pfc189xWpF82 Yass to PortMacquaire DAY3: https://goo.gl/maps/MwoLpUS3m8v Port Macquarie home. Thanks for all the suggestion and ideas.... Will be leaving Thursday morning, early! My Co-pilot has pulled out so might be going the quicker easier route but will definitely try most of the roads. Ace might see you on the road. I will be in touch..
  7. Thanks for offer Ace, if all is going well I will be west of Sydney Friday Morning. Drop me a PM with your address and I'll let you know if I can squeeze it in. Contemplating taking Putty road. The roads looks fairly isolated, is there many services along that road? Anyhow here's the decided route for day one and part of day two. Not sure where I will stop over, I guess it will depend how the I feel. It may be a bit optimistic but I think it covers a fair bit of what I want to do. https://goo.gl/maps/KET7uzhhpgu
  8. Thanks for the detail reply Busgo. I didnt have many ideas for the Vic boarder to Sydney section.
  9. How about the 182 tool kit, does it have a wheel nut wrench and jack. The car comes with a spare wheel. Just need somehow of changing it..hopefully not.
  10. Ok, so many options and some great ideas. I'll post the route and some photos when I get under way..... What about the fun police on these back roads around the Victorian alps and NSW northern section.. are they around and are there many speed cameras. Not that I plan on breaking the law but I'm sure there will be some spirited moments when the time is right..
  11. Yep will do, only thing is I might be having too much fun to stop..???? Next Thursday, early.
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