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  1. How does Paul do the custom stage 2 tune ace? Do you plug in your RS Tuner and run the car on the street to record some data in the unit? Or you just mention what mods do you have on your car and he did it on his side and send you the map after? Just had time to get around and play with the RS Tuner and the free stage 1 calibration map came with the kit after I bought it for almost 5 months, took the car out on m4, was starting it slow cause it is double demerit, accelerated from almost 10km/h to 80km/h, WOT on gear 1 the wheel lost traction >4k rpm! (mod currently on the 172 is only Ape
  2. Henk one does come with stage 1 calibration map in the RS Tuner you bought!!
  3. Chartered Accountants exam... don't wanna study but can't fail due to work, so sad HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH bingo!!! Yea I should really leave the computer and close the door to stop my communication to the world until the exam finishes lol
  4. I love this forum!! Was surfing around in the tech section, then saw the likely minded 172 owners like Ace already done up a turbo too! Didn't have time go through the whole thread as it was a bit lengthy but I am sure I will after my exam when I start getting my hands dirty on the bits and pieces
  5. Head down to old pac then up again, love the road surface there, avoid weekend though, too much crowd
  6. Where do you get your little clio for servicing in Sydney Scotty?
  7. Greeting from Sydney guys!! Recently got a 172 dirt cheap, I bought all the parts to run a boosting project for it already but having exam in 2 weeks time, so prob will start it after that, any 172 owners here?
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