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    Before 2015 Clio IV RS Cup Premium and,
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  1. Congrats again, an awesome car and sure to bring you a million smiles.
  2. How about this one, a call to Renotech (who we all love) will confirm condition:
  3. JP, looked at both and decided I needed the six speed, the five speed in the Fiat is just not long enough.
  4. We had one, and of course "horses for courses". Sold our mint 2014/5 Cup Premium and got a Red Bull Clio III, I just didn't like the box. You can drive around it most of the time but every now and then I would use more throttle and the box would change down un-commanded. The Clio IV is much quicker low down and generally very quick compared to the III, both have massive grip. As has been posted here earlier, what is it you want. If you prefer complete control, go for the Meg, if you just want fun go the Clio III, if you want fast fun and don't mind a bit of DCT go the Clio IV. I have another car for going quick so the Clio III was just a fun chuckable car with lot's of grip, if I want to go quicker in it I just use the top end of the rev range. Reliability is not an issue if you get a correctly serviced car.
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