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  1. Good stuff mate, stay patient! I took a good 5-6 months of looking before finding the right one! I bought it from Melb and had it sent up to Brisbane. I know the impatient feeling! Stay strong and don't compromise unless you have to!
  2. Hi mate, I actually spoke to the seller when I was looking for a meg. Pretty sure you could get it for 22k. I wasn't a massive fan of the guy when I spoke to him (bit rude). Call for yourself and make your own mind up, I didn't even bother looking as it hasn't been serviced since I think 2012 (don't quote me on that) it was a super long time plus timing belts haven't been done. I think he said he lives in Melb and it sits in a garage at the gold coast hence the low kms. Not sure if the salt air would have started to eat away at anything. Not for me but worth making your own enquiry!
  3. JJH

    New 265 Owner

    Took it out, didn't notice any difference to be honest!
  4. JJH

    New 265 Owner

    Does anyone worry about pulling the foam out of the filter box. Surely it's there for a reason
  5. JJH

    New 265 Owner

    Yeah that is also on the list, found someone in Bris that will do it for $100. My only concern I don't want it to be too loud I use the car to commute to work so has to be bearable!
  6. JJH

    New 265 Owner

    Yeah I was thinking of starting by pulling that out and seeing what it sounds like, it may be all I need. I'm not looking for too much noise.
  7. JJH

    New 265 Owner

    Thanks mate, will get it soon just haven't had any time! Have you done the center res delete? Just wondering if you went somewhere locally?
  8. JJH

    New 265 Owner

    All good thanks mate, found a shop locally that sell them for $88 which I thought was pretty good!
  9. JJH

    New 265 Owner

    Where did you get it from?
  10. JJH

    New 265 Owner

    Hi guys proud new owner of a 2013 265. I only picked it up yesterday. Loving it so far wouldn't mind a touch more induction noise. Anyone have a good recommendation for a good panel filter and where to get it from. I'm in brisbane and looking fowarded to meeting a few of you over time.
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