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  1. Having the same problem. Doesn't upload image from my PC.
  2. I also had mine done thru the dealer. That way they can carry the responsibility of making sure it is legal. Probably cost me double what I could have got it done for, but I have piece of mind and a 10 year warranty. Over the years I've come to disregard the advice given on forums about these kind of things. No offense to forum members here, or any other forum, but the old "Chinese whispers" thing seems to happen a lot. Check out this website for the actual facts. http://www.windowtint.com.au/more-info/29/window-tinting-laws
  3. I just bought a 2015 265, so I can't comment on their reliability, but I love the car. In the 3 weeks I've had it I've only driven my 911 3 times. That's how much I like it. My neighbor is a technical adviser for the RAA. Before I bought it I spoke to him about Renaults, and the Cup cars in particular. He said they rarely get any issues relating to Renaults. I have noticed this. When it's hot (we've had some 40+ days recently) occasionally the RS monitor doesn't respond. Turn car off, get out and reset it, get in and away you go. Will tell the dealer when I go there next. and the cup holder in front of the shifter is a useless waste of space. It's in a really poor position. You can't fit a coffee or a water bottle in it without if being on a pissy angle. Good for putting coins in though.
  4. StewF

    New Owner From Sa

    Thanks. Apart from the small dent and big scratch some wanker put in it last week. Just waiting on the SAPOL report so I can get it fixed and move on. I know you.
  5. StewF

    New Owner From Sa

    Yeah I noticed that too. Mind you, I'm not that anal about people seeing my rego number.
  6. StewF

    New Owner From Sa

    The first and last photo's were taken during a trip to Tasmania in 2014. I was back over there in November this year with 2 other 911's (a 3.2 Carrera & a 964 Carrera 2). We drove nearly all of the Targa Tasmania stages on what were essentially deserted roads, apart from the odd farmer's utes and tourists. The middle pic was not long after we got it. Hence the old rego number. I'll post pic's of the 265 Cup when I pick it up. I can't wait. As I said to the guys on the Porsche forum, I'm as excited as a 10 year old with a bottle of Fanta.
  7. StewF

    New Owner From Sa

    Cheers for the welcome. The weekender is a 1981 Porsche 911SC. When I say weekender, I like to drive it at least 1 day during the week, as well as on the weekend. If the weather is nice - not too hot, as it has no aircon.
  8. StewF

    New Owner From Sa

    New member here from the Adelaide Hills. After quite a bit of looking, researching, test driving, and deliberating over what to buy, today I bought a new Megane RS265 Cup to replace my current daily driver. Hope to pick it up on Saturday morning. To say I'm excited is an understatement. I just hope it doesn't stop me from driving my weekend car too much. stew
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