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  1. matt9999

    Megane RS Trophy EDC

    I'd have to think a new downpipe and a tune would be the cheapest and best bang for buck. There is no secondary cat or resonator however, so maybe taking a risk with the sound of the exhaust and how much the car would stink. You can have a look at the K-Tec Racing website to get a feel for the extent of modifications / parts that are available for the Megane 4's. Plenty of posters on here have suggested the first modification should be swapping out the stock tyres.
  2. matt9999

    Megane RS Trophy EDC

    I've got one in white - I like it - the only real quibbles I have with it is the creaky noises which I swear are from the sunroof seals and the lack of confidence in the cupholders. If I had my time again, I would avoid the sunroof option - though I've got some Honda silicon grease coming from the US which I'm hoping is going to solve those noises. Notwithstanding, I'm not convinced that Renault has got the sunroof implementation quite right (at least on my car). I really like the seating position, alcantara on the seats, the sound system and despite the criticisms the infotainment system in general. Once I work out how to disconnect or otherwise override the valve in the exhaust so that its always open - the exhaust noise will be about perfect. As a guide on that, I think it is louder than my wife's X4M and the pitch of it sounds way better.
  3. Hi, past owner of RS220, and did pretty much the same extent of mods that you're proposing - all installed by Renotech who were awesome. In terms of downpipes and tbh the rest of the parts you're proposing, give GT Performance in France a look - they were pretty cheap and easy to deal with. Find them through Facebook. And also replace the inlet pipe at the same time (through the Airtec ebay Store). On arriving for the tune, I had the tuner tell me there was no guarantee that the stock airpipe would be in one piece by the end - I changed it shortly thereafter. Also be aware that the inlet pipe for pre 2018 is different to the one for post 2018 cars. Best of luck.
  4. matt9999

    New member. RS 200

    $9500 the realisation more firmly sets in that if you have a Clio 4, you will be keeping it until it dies. There are much worse fates out there however - and honestly in my opinion still no comparable alternative available.
  5. Can confirm Paul at AP is very good and very thorough.
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