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  1. I recall Paul from RS Tuning telling me that European spec 95 and 98 fuel is not Australian spec 95 and 98 fuel - something like that Australian 98 is equivalent to what would sell as 95 in Euro. So on that basis I'm guessing 98 only. They seem to cost about the same regardless.
  2. Am unsure how we are getting the choice of EDC or manual when O/S is EDC only. Am further spitting those Recaros were not available when I got mine.
  3. You’re probably better off waiting for the Golf 8 GTI. Half of those things you listed I would never go near again. The emergency braking is why I got rid of my wife’s SQ5. as noted by other posters, you’re not buying Renault to get the latest interior gadgets.
  4. I’d be worried about the Phase 2 model for Aust having a PPF installed - and the resultant mute exhaust. You wouldn’t know until they’re delivered as to whether that is the case.
  5. If you're going for a sunroof - I'd be inclined to ensure you test drive prior to purchase (if possible). Try and find opportunities to get the chassis flexing and keep an ear out for creaks. I thought the facelift was due in six months - overseas reports indicate it is an improvement, and it does include the interior technology from the Clio 5 which is superior to that in the current Megane model. But am unsure if that is important noting the car has CarPlay, it fills the screen nicely, and the operation is linked to the buttons on the steering wheel. Once I've had my sunroof sort
  6. The big rear spoiler comes from the RS Performance Store in France (link here https://shop.renaultsport.com/RSperformance/pieces-detachees-renault-sport/clio-4-rs.html). It is isn't cheap (as noted earlier), but their shipping is reasonable and they are very good to deal with. It shows up raw and requires to be wrapped / sprayed prior to going onto your car. It is a pretty straightforward installation.
  7. I didn't think the Trophy came out until after 2015 - and the version of the Sport and the Cup with the leatherish trim and the reversing camera were called 'Premium', ie Sport Premium and Cup Premium - while the cloth seats were called Sport and Cup.. Whereas the Trophy was just called the Trophy and were defined by the seats with the integrated headrest as well as a bigger turbo. It is confusing though...
  8. I'd have to think a new downpipe and a tune would be the cheapest and best bang for buck. There is no secondary cat or resonator however, so maybe taking a risk with the sound of the exhaust and how much the car would stink. You can have a look at the K-Tec Racing website to get a feel for the extent of modifications / parts that are available for the Megane 4's. Plenty of posters on here have suggested the first modification should be swapping out the stock tyres.
  9. I've got one in white - I like it - the only real quibbles I have with it is the creaky noises which I swear are from the sunroof seals and the lack of confidence in the cupholders. If I had my time again, I would avoid the sunroof option - though I've got some Honda silicon grease coming from the US which I'm hoping is going to solve those noises. Notwithstanding, I'm not convinced that Renault has got the sunroof implementation quite right (at least on my car). I really like the seating position, alcantara on the seats, the sound system and despite the criticisms the infotainment sys
  10. Hi, past owner of RS220, and did pretty much the same extent of mods that you're proposing - all installed by Renotech who were awesome. In terms of downpipes and tbh the rest of the parts you're proposing, give GT Performance in France a look - they were pretty cheap and easy to deal with. Find them through Facebook. And also replace the inlet pipe at the same time (through the Airtec ebay Store). On arriving for the tune, I had the tuner tell me there was no guarantee that the stock airpipe would be in one piece by the end - I changed it shortly thereafter. Also be aware that the inlet
  11. $9500 the realisation more firmly sets in that if you have a Clio 4, you will be keeping it until it dies. There are much worse fates out there however - and honestly in my opinion still no comparable alternative available.
  12. Can confirm Paul at AP is very good and very thorough.
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