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  1. Barny

    Rs 265...& Loving It

    What's issue causes limp mode? If you tune it, it will be much higher than the standard 275 performance.
  2. Yeah used dude. Find one about 2 years old already, as long as you purchase the 2 year extended warranty before the VW 3 years is up then you will be covered. It's a car to try, You might like it and little bit more room. My wife's golf is nearly up to 3 years old and I'll have to purchase the extended warranty as I don't trust the 90 TSI model. I'm trying to convince her that we offload it now and upgrade to a Clio rs sport. If I had the budget I'd buy her the golf r or the gti performance package but she hardly drives, 14000km in nearly 3 years.
  3. Clio 220, also a second set of wheels and semi slick tyres for track days all within your budget, or try the golf gti performance package. You could also purschase the 2 year extension warranty for around 1500 and together it will be at around 35k or slightly more depending which car you buy but see you through to 2020 warranty free. The m135i is fantastic, so rapid and walks all over any megane in a straight line. A really nice place to be, but don't like the steering as it feels slightly numb. You will be buying over 35k and no warranty left though.
  4. That should make non special megs even more special, since there's less of them. For 28-29k, a third option if allowed. Check out the 265 cup premiums 2014 model. You will get 2 years new car warranty left on em. And recaro seats standard.
  5. Is the redbull versions collectible, or known as something special?
  6. Up to you, if you don't want to save 3-4K then go new. You will also clock up 10,000km pretty quick if it's a daily. The sweet spot was the 275 trophy that guys were selling at 30-32k. Most of the ones now are asking way to much and much cheaper and better value to buy the 275 c premium. Try offering 37k on a new one
  7. It's a great price at 35. Check when it was complianced, as this should determine how much new car warranty is left. It should have about 3 years to 4 max. New 275c Premium should be less than 40k, there is some negotiation but 35k is great.
  8. Are you referring to a 275 cup premium? Or a 265 ? If you can get a 275 cup premium for 35k through a dealer drive away, buy it. 38k was the best I'd seen new, and 37k with 6,000km on it from dealer and this was last year. Dealership prices haven't dropped on line but I'm sure the negotiations would be better now as the cars are 2 years old.
  9. Barny

    Hi All

    Do you think the 1999 type r could keep up with the newer cars? Perhaps fiesta st?
  10. Barny

    Hi All

    Hey congrats. Tell us more about the type r's. Ownership, costs, drive like? Cheers
  11. Cheers, and congrats
  12. Can you guys explain how the oil temp works with the monitor please. If you do some hard driving, will it record the max temp during that period? Or just monitor as your driving showing what ever the temp is at that time?
  13. The cup premium sold that I was after, but all good. I still have a car for now so when ever another great deal comes up I'll buy. 265 c premium seems to be the best deal but if a desperate seller has a 275 trophy at a similar price then I'll take it. Looking forward to one though.
  14. I've had warranty claims sorted with the dealership but never had an issue from track work personally. My friend has, car issues at track, dealer fixed no questions asked. Also since I have rapport through this dealership it's not a problem. I can't comment on other BMW dealerships as I've never had to ask. I'm getting the megane as it seems all is good, and for the price I can't find anything better in value on the used market for that price.
  15. Ok got some feedback through the dealer regarding warranty. Good news.
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