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  1. Adz

    BNE - R275 Trophy

    Thank you!! Im keen to get out there on track, Lakeside DTC as well is fun too!
  2. Adz

    BNE - R275 Trophy

    Thanks for the replies!! i have gathered some good info and may look at a road trip to Sydney in the future for some enhancements.
  3. Adz

    BNE - R275 Trophy

    Hi everyone!! I recently picked up a LY RS275 Trophy. Its my first Renault, so I have been doing lots of ready and searching around the forum (I found the search button!!) I had planned a few simple mods, namely Downpipe, Intercooler and tune. But im already stuck on the DP! I was reading the sites and see the Koya Works DP seems like a good piece of kit, but it seems out of reach for QLDers. I messaged Koya Works and have not had a response yet, so not sure how to actually buy it. Next was the intercooler, but im not sure if this will be an issue in QLD with Rad and Oil
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