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ozRS Country Bakery Run - Sun Sept 13th - QLD/NSW - See Social Events section for details/RSVP ×


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  1. Adz

    BNE - R275 Trophy

    Thank you!! Im keen to get out there on track, Lakeside DTC as well is fun too!
  2. Adz

    BNE - R275 Trophy

    Thanks for the replies!! i have gathered some good info and may look at a road trip to Sydney in the future for some enhancements.
  3. Adz

    BNE - R275 Trophy

    Hi everyone!! I recently picked up a LY RS275 Trophy. Its my first Renault, so I have been doing lots of ready and searching around the forum (I found the search button!!) I had planned a few simple mods, namely Downpipe, Intercooler and tune. But im already stuck on the DP! I was reading the sites and see the Koya Works DP seems like a good piece of kit, but it seems out of reach for QLDers. I messaged Koya Works and have not had a response yet, so not sure how to actually buy it. Next was the intercooler, but im not sure if this will be an issue in QLD with Rad and Oil temps. Any tips from QLDers as to what products they have used and where to get them fitted would be awesome!!! Hopefully I can catch some Brisbane members on a cruise soon Cheers, Adam
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