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  1. Got a speeding ticket the first week I got my 265 on a road I drive on everyday, LoL! These car are not exactly fast off the line but they go once you're in 2nd or 3rd gear. Had to learn it the expensive way coming from a Polo Gti Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  2. Out of the three tires I ran, the original Michelin PS2, Bridgestone RE003 and the PS4, the PS4 was undoubtedly the best in terms of road handling especially in the wet, good durability (30k+ km) and priced reasonably at well under $300 each. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  3. Gotta agree with safetyman, the reliability of the Megane would leave cars like the Gti in the dust (I had one previously). My 2013 265cup has about 80k on the odometer with very little issues apart from the following. Door lock went last year & repaired under warranty. Left brake senor failed 2 months ago & repaired under warranty. Battery went last year (non-stop start), seems very reasonable for a consumable. Audio is terrible when listening to music, listening to podcast is acceptable. AC can struggle in the constant 40c+ summer heat
  4. gabes1982

    265 Cup Owner

    Resonator delete is almost compulsory/no brainer. It's easily one of the cheapest 'upgrade'. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  5. No picture, it didn't happen Congrats!
  6. gabes1982

    2017 Clio Zen

    Clio for looks, the Polo for perceived build quality if that's your thing. I had the last gen Polo Gti 6R, the interior material is a step up from the Cilo if a little blend. I would imagine the new Polo to be a bit funkier with that new dashboard.
  7. It's not only louder (only slightly) but it also liberates all the POPS!!!
  8. For your reference, the RS200 Cup Trophy I test drove deal with undulation and speed humps better than the Polo GTi 6R I had. (not sure which Polo you had before the FiST)
  9. My 265 also has some side to side play, maybe it's a design flaw. Will need to get it checked out next time I'm in for a service.
  10. gabes1982


    I got a 13 model earlier this year with about the same km. Interior creaks is a given from either the sides, the dash or from the glove box, take your pick... As chuckovski points out, the center delete is nearly a must for all 250/265 unless you're planning to do the whole system. On nomral mode it's complete civilized, when on sports mode it will pops and crakles on up & down shift which mostly make up for the frankly rubbish stereo.
  11. That stereo is rubbish, a new head unit is needed... However, then it wouldn't look stock.
  12. Hi Paul, They're mechanically very solid, my brother had a 250 for 18 months with no issues at all (chipped & exhaust mods). Can have a quick look at the technical section of the forum to find any common issues. http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/index.php?/forum/45-megane-iii-technical/ Talk to 27AME, I was looking at his Red Bull (well looked after by the looks of it) but ended with the dealership options because I wanted to do a trade in. Gabe
  13. Hi Paul, Just brought a second hand Megane RS myself, so I've done a bit of homework... All RS has LSD except for the 2013 Megane RS Sport Edition, you can spot them by the silver Tibor wheels, dark blue paint job and the Recaro seats. They have the softer Sport suspensions as well. According to the cost of ownership from Renault - 60k (72months) - coolant/brake fluid replacement, pollen filter, spark plugs, fuel filter & 100k (120months) - Timing belt. From July 2014, all RS cars received 5 years warranty (if that's important to you) Gabe
  14. Hi everyone, After a 10 years hiatus from owning a Frenchie (had a 98' 306xt), I'm finally back in the blue, white and red colours defecting from ze Germans. I picked up the car a week ago from Brian Hilton Gosford... a big shout out to their sales manager Lindsay, great guy to deal with and a genuine car guy. I look forward to seeing other members on the road & in future meet ups. Look out for me around the Frenchs Forest, Terrey Hills, CBD & the Zetland area! Gabe
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