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  1. unusual

    New RS 220 Owner

    Since my commute has increased to a 100km round trip a day I'm averaging 7.5l/100km. That includes traffic and a bit of 80km/h cruising.
  2. I know of a Sport Premium with a few mods that may be going for a song soon......
  3. I bought the Clio for the same reason. SWMBO said my daily had to be an auto and to be honest now my commute is 50km each way 5 days a week I'm glad I listened! My car has been stage 1 tuned via RS Tuner. Similar concept to Bluefin but you get a bunch of diagnostics and pretty graphs to look at if you are into that sort of stuff. Really woke the car up and I threw it on early in ownership and have had no issues. My preference is to tune locally but nothing was available at the time. See if you can stretch for Sport Premium. I enjoy the R-link functions and the standard stereo has met most of my music need. The leather is holding up well on mine also and I have actually used the heated seats a few times. Good luck on your search. Post up your location. I would be happy to let you have a look at mine so you can compare to you ST.
  4. I would of thought the 220 gearbox software changes are standard now on the new model. Renotech were able to update my gearbox software to whatever the latest version is. Made a noticeable difference to me. Especially with the old tendency to hang on to a lower gear for no apparent reason! To OP do you like the look of the new model over the Trophy? I think the choice would be a real personal preference thing. If you go for the Trophy bargain hard, you should be able to get it for a very good price as it's effectively an older model being based on the series 1.
  5. This thread is delivering. Keep up the good work!
  6. Love that blue. Keep the pictures coming!
  7. unusual

    Megane Gt

    Just buy this. You clearly want the LY and this car is near new. http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/index.php?/topic/26850-for-sale-2012-megane-rs-265-trophy-808-liquid-yellow-sa/
  8. That Clio is listed wrong. Looks like a Cup and it's not a Trophy/Premium as it doesn't have leather seats. There is a big initial price difference across the four models available so make sure anything you look at it actually listed as the correct spec so you can judge the price accordingly.
  9. Just from another owners point of view I made sure I ran the car through the rev range a bit in the first 1000km but like yourself I commute in Sydney so not terribly easy to do. Great excuse to go for a late evening blast though! I chose to change oil and filter at 1000km and had my mechanic check everything over. All was well and the oil looked good and there was very little if any metal shavings in the filter. I had my 10k service done at about 8500km as I had a few mods to go on the car and again the oil was perfect. That service was done by RenoTech. It sounds like you are taking it pretty easy so I wouldn't be too concerned with an oil change outside of service intervals.
  10. unusual

    Help With This

    Wouldn't either of these be better: http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/index.php?/topic/27598-eoi-phase-2-blood-orange-225/ http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/index.php?/topic/27418-fs-blood-orange-225-cup/
  11. Great choice in colour. Have had mine for 12 months last week and 8500km. Not one issue and loving it.
  12. i don't have a Megane but from my Clio IV and other cars I have owned in-built GPS systems are usually pretty average and go out of date and cost crazy money to update. I use my phone most of the time as it is connected to Bluetooth and the directions then come through the speakers. Plus in a Megane you should be going too quick for the GPS to keep up! Good luck on your search.
  13. Wow. $1100? Google RS Tuner and Bluefin. DIY options for less than half that. RS Tuner gives your the added benefits of diagnostics and lots of other fun stuff to play with.
  14. Who in moorebank are you thinking of tuning with? I'm near parramatta and can show you what my stage 1 RS Tuner setup feels like if your interested.
  15. Welcome to the flame red club. Great choice. Is it sport or cup? Premium???
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