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  1. In NSW it is not an issue, from memory it is 125kw/tonne and the Megane is 124.4kw, My son learnt to drive in my Megane, did his driving test and still drives it while on his red and then green P plates. and that is his limit now while driving on the road. L plates is a whole different story, no restrictions in NSW. While on L plates he drove R34 Skyline V specs, Maserati V8, Volvo V60 Polestar, and Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Which I had had that opportunity when I was learning to drive!!
  2. Hi Dave,

    What sort of money do you want for the driveshaft and freight to 2197?  I am looking for some shafts (already have LH) for reconditioning to then be fitted into my race car for the coming season. 



    1. Davejay


      $100 if u collected with cash, not sure about postage, think I’ve spoken with u b4, 0408424826.

  3. Definitely 2nd, as you say 1st will give wheel spin and it will be a very quick shift to 2nd. If you think that the clutch can handle it, a bit of left foot braking and try to spool the turbo for better launch. I am sure with the torque that your motor has it will go hard from 50 kph.😁
  4. Looking at the rear calipers they have had some grinding but, not that much. I can put my finger between the caliper and spokes of the wheel, so there seems like that there is heaps of clearance. Mark
  5. Sorry, I should have proof read my writing. The spacers fitted to the car are to widen the track as much as possible, nothing about brake clearance . The wheels fit over the standard rear caliper no problems, but I think that they may have had some minor grinding to fit some other wheels that I have previously used. Rear stud axles are fitted with camber spacers, which from memory are 5 mm. This widens the track and takes the caliper with it, ie not wheel spacers. Front has 10 or 15 mm wheel spacers, which fit to the hub and moves the wheel outboard but leaves the caliper in
  6. I use these on my race car. The are a great light weight (5.1kg?) wheel for a good price. From the car has stub axle spacers and with 205/50 they just fit inside the guards, and where they don't a hammer gives the clearance. On the front can't really say as I don't use standard calipers, and run a hub spacer but they do fit over my 4 spot calipers. Mark PS. Yep this is a 215/50 tyre, but they wont fit on the rear and wanted to have all wheel/tyres interchangeable.
  7. Clio43

    Meg 2 AC drama

    Some Holden Astra's use the same compressor. I recently purchase a S/H Megane compressor for < $200. After a compressor failure, or low gas. some Megane's will spit up a Cold Loop fault which not allow the A/C compressor to engage after regassing. The fault code needs to be cleared with a Scan tool, but NOT all Scan tools will do the job. I have an iCcarsoft i907 which does clear the Cold Loop fault. Mark
  8. Hi Mark, Im after front B/Bar grill and Battery negative earth terminal & lead. could you please ring me on 0417047432. Cheers Paul.

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