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  1. Thanks for the reply, seems still quite affordable, still a while till the belts are due so that should be all good!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hey guys! Been looking to get back into a Meg for ages now, and I think I’ve found one that ticks almost all boxes. The car is coming up to its 40,000km service and so I’ve negotiated the sale price down a bit, however I was wondering if you guys knew an estimate of how much roughly it would cost? (Barring no unforeseen problems). The belts are to be changed at the 60k service is that correct? I also noticed the brake pads looked a bit worn and might need replacing soon. Any information regarding this costing would also be great! And regarding the actual rotors, when do they usuall
  3. Thanks dook, haha no bias, it's the truth But yeah you and cloudy do have a point, especially that's it's the first turbo I've owned as well, I'm just so eager for more already, got through a full tank in the first 2 days haha. I'll definitely check out their rides. I just want more noise from it right now haha, might do a silencer delete, I just don't want a drone-y noise at low revs. Maybe I'll start off with just an intake. Very excited to see how far I can take this project!
  4. Yeah you're right, and the reason I bought it was to go around bends faster than everyone else, but still I do have that itch for more haha.Anyone had any experience with coilovers on the 225? And although I love that it's kind of a sleeper and not many people know what it is, I do still wanna hear the turbo spool up more and a deeper exhaust note, maybe I will do the silencer delete I had a look at putting an air intake, but it seems too squished up to fit anything haha, would I have to take out the battery and put the pod like almost behind the fog lights for it to fit? Thanks fo
  5. Hey guys, my name's Sam and I am a proud owner of a 2005 Megane rs 225 as of two days ago Black with factory panoramic roof and GPS unit. Previous owner has upgraded the springs and struts to Koni springs, and has put Potenza re003's tyres on, it's great and really grippy! Just looking for mods to start doing to make that handling even better as well as performance mods. If anyone can point me as to where I should start, or know of a good air intake which would fit this model as well as a Cat-back system any advice would be appreciated. Also is the Forge BOV the only one that fits this
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