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  1. Im pretty happy with the space in the megane, considering its a 3 door hatch. Im able to fit my mountain bike in the back by taking the front wheel off and folding the rear seats down. My megane also came with 19 inch standard wheels, which I've replaced with aftermarket. Not sure if interested in modifications or not? You could always try find some standard renault wheels in 18inch to swap with later on
  2. Agreed, although if that's the only change to the exhaust its more of a noise thing. But I love it in mine
  3. I had Renotech do it for me, I believe they have a special Renault tech computer which allows access to all sorts of settings
  4. The 182 is a fun car just make sure you get it checked out properly before buying
  5. Was this the one recently for sale? I had my eye on it, looks great! The clio's will give some high powered cars a scare in the tight corners
  6. Im not sure about that, because I had mine changed to PSI
  7. I second this, Julian and Miles are very helpful
  8. What did you mean by this? Do you have auto adjusting front headlights?
  9. I recommend contacting Renotech, the guys are very helpful
  10. 404173

    New to Renault

    Have you got experience with other cars? I would say there are the obvious good tyre choices out there but depends on how much you want to spend I had federal RSR-R's on my previous clio which I thought were pretty good. Advan AD08r's on the megane now
  11. As said above, I use mine everyday which includes work use and it goes well
  12. I love the silver! Very nice. Ive seen another forum member paint the wheels the same silver/grey as on the bumper/rear diffuser, if thats an idea for you? I recommend starting with the centre resonator cut out as said above, not very expensive and you can go from there
  13. I would recommend just doing the center resonator delete and drive it around abit first, see how it sounds
  14. Although I've never driven a Honda.. Ive owned a Clio 182 previously and they are amazing (apparently I've 'downgraded'). I would recommend having a drive of a 172/182 I suppose it depends on what you plan to do with the Megane, but standard they are very capable. In my opinion they are a car that can do abit of everything though limited with the two doors. If your thinking of carrying people in the back I would suggest having a look at few before you buy. Im not sure about the meganes without recaros.. but I'm reasonably tall and theres not a lot of room behind the drivers seat recaro. As said above you will adjust to the blind spot but its not that bad anyway. Feel free to ask any questions, happy to answer
  15. Im not so sure.. but I thought the Red bull versions did not come with xenon directional headlights? If your getting a 250 I recommend a Trophee. The trophee comes with recaros, directional headlights and so on. Mine is a 250 Australian GP. Only real difference is the moon roof and body coloured matched bits, but then again some Trophee's came with them too.. its confusing.
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