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  1. That Nardo grey RS3 though!! Nice LY 265 welcome to the forum.
  2. Mike, search Eurononymous on Facebook
  3. Welcome to the forum Mike! There is a Euromeet @ Newmarket shopping centre on this Sunday @ 7pm if you're interested. Cheers. Corey.
  4. Thanks Jason, yes, Mike has certainly set the bar for maintenance, hopefully I can maintain the same level!! Catching up with you guys would be great! Thanks Sam, the car is definitely tastefully tuned. I need to get myself one of the RSTuner cables/flash boxes, that'll probably be my first purchase. Other than that, I plan to get the few chips & scratches touched up and perhaps some subtle styling to make it my own.
  5. Hey Guys, New member and new to Renault but certainly not new to forums or the car scene. I've been a bit time poor of late but have found a quick minute to introduce myself. About 3-4weeks ago, I picked up an absolutely immaculate RS250 off fellow member (MikeC90), testiment to the guy on how well maintained & clean this car is! Last weekend was probably the first time I had the opportunity to really 'get to know' the car as such and it was nothing short of impressive! Out of all the cars I've owned over the years, this has to be the most enjoyable I've owned.. I have no immediate plans for the car at this stage but we'll see what the new year brings. Hope to see a few of you guys around! Cheers, Corey.
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