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  1. Osborne Motorsport is based in Sydney I am based in Queanbeyan. If it is at all possible I will come to the Nationals Wakefield Park day but will bring my Lotus Excel. As a motorsport professional, I think it a good idea to engage with the brand enthusiasts, so will make every attempt to bring a car (for display only) to the Nationals in the future. The, still undeveloped, cars will be running at the Shannons Nationals at WP on the 16th to 18th of October 2015. I cannot show you around because I will be on a cruise between Hawaii and Sydney. I would rather be racing. Neil
  2. Yes, I was chatting with Julian and went looking for you again, but did not see you. I enjoy "sharing" my cars with the kids because they are potentially the future of our hobby. He seemed to enjoy himself and surprised me with his understanding of the car's controls. The Lotus was indeed an Excel. Neil
  3. clixx-io The answer is yes and I have on many occasions, but it should be remembered that a well designed plenum intake can perform just as well as ITBs. A number of OEM manufacturers are really getting this right now. The beauty of ITBs is often that the original intake lengths and runner diameters are not specifically suited to the other specifications of the engine you are building. That is where an advanced engine simulation software package comes in handy. It helps to decide if a certain modification is optimum with regard to other components, budget etc. The very real downside to ITBs
  4. Julian, I would be happy to help locals with engine builds. Neil
  5. Firstly I must say that the choice of cars to race is based on the most important thing - competitiveness. I reckon they are a great package. My own cars are: VW Passat R36 Wagon (Engine delivery and tow vehicle) BMW 328i sedan (wife's car) Lotus Excel SE (I also work on the Donut King Lotus Exige V6 Cup R in the Australian GT Championship and the last 2 Bathurst 12 Hour races)
  6. Weight must be close to standard. I am not too worried about the relative lack of modifications. i have a huge amount of faith in the cars which is why I argued so hard to get Colin to replace the Mazdas with the Renaults. It might sound funny from a mid fifties engineer, but I am seriously excited about this new project. Colin ran both the cars today in free practice but will be running the car with the superior suspension components over the weekend. Please be patient, today is the very first time the cars have been driven in any sort of anger on the track. We are at the bottom of an ex
  7. Production car racing is great for showcasing just how good or bad a car is because they are very close to stock. You are allowed to change: Brake rotors, calipers and pads. the RS275 brakes are awesome, so I think we will just change pads. Springs and shocks Exhaust after the first joint or turbo, must be standard diameter. Engine management. Boost must not exceed standard. Allowed to add instruments and data acquisition systems. Allowed to fit an LSD. We wioll find out if we like the RS275 one. Safety gear such as roll cage, harnesses, dry break fuelling. The engines must be standar
  8. Yes same one. Working for the next generation now. Engines for Neal's son Harry as well as the Renaults. G'day Matt.
  9. As the heading states, I am the engine builder and race engineer for Osborne Motorsport. I talked Colin into running 2 Renault Megane RS 275s in the Australian manufacturers Championship next year. They are undergoing a shakedown at Queensland Raceway this weekend. Do not expect too much as they are not yet developed and we have not yet fitted the Motec engine management and data system yet. I have high hopes for next year. Keep an eye out for the team and feel free to come and say g'day at the track from Eastern Creek onwards as I will not be with the team until then. Neil
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