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  1. appreciate the reply ! will definitely get it checked by Renotech or someone with knowledge of these cars. leftover warranty would come in handy although i feel it it may be with the old 3 year period. this car was spotted in japan and sat on rays ze40s which looked menacing. a particular look i want to replicate.
  2. Hi mate, its the only one for sale in NSW. listed at $29990
  3. Hi Guys, my name is Minh and i'm from Western Sydney. I joined up to the forum to get more knowledge on these awesome Megane RS cars as i'm looking to upgrade from my Nissan 180sx (have 2 of them, 1 being a dedicated track car). The criteria for the new car was simple, to have something that offered a raw driving experience in a new platform (2012 onwards). Last week i decided to take a break from work and hired a brand new Megane RS275 Cup from hertz. I took the car to the blue mountains and raked in 700 klms over 4 days. Reflecting on the drive, i am truly impressed by how great of a pla
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