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  1. Looks mint Tim, congrats! such a fun car. I have also just got a 172 and in Adelaide. Let me know if your keen for a DIY day. Iam no expert but have done the basics on mine.
  2. Welcome Fiona, good to see a few more Adelaide people getting involved.
  3. Hi, also still not having any luck he has tried some other emails but still no luck. Username: Boxme2
  4. Hi trying to get a mate on the forum, he has signed up but unable to get the activation emails. Is someone able to lend a hand? Username: Boxme2 He is about to pickup a ph1 172 and looking forward to getting involved.
  5. Welcome mate, nice 200 been hooked looking at them on youtube the last week, look like they would be alot of fun. Like the colour choice!
  6. Thanks all, will post some pics up from the drive home. Will give Paul a call also renotech and see what options I have. Has been playing on my mind that the bluefin might be better option for me given iam in Adelaide.
  7. Hey all just dropping in for an introduction. Heading over to Sydney from Adelaide next wk end to pickup an 2012 megane rs 265 cup! Is got a few km on the clock but looks in top shape and a decent price. Long drive home hopefully to enjoy the car. Been reading on the fourms and thinking of getting Paul at AP Automotive to flash a tune on there before I drive home. Can't seen many options in Adelaide for this... Love the good reviews on the car but can't believe how hard it is to find info on them. The dearler told me its chain driven, when I asked if the timing belt had been changed. I
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