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  1. Looks the goods mate. Very clean and the low km's are a bonus. Just remove those tips before i vomit too much more
  2. I switched over a few years ago. You won't look back mate
  3. Nice to see a Swiss on the forum. Welcome!
  4. i hate the black/silver combo wheels too.. and agree 18 is too big. Looks like a goofy hot wheels toy on 18s. Not a fan of big wheels in general
  5. domgolfgti

    new tom me 182

    Im finding the opposite atm.. people wanting like 6k for rough 1*2s.. madness.
  6. domgolfgti

    new tom me 182

    A 182 for $1400? How did i miss that! Where was that advertised? Also, welcome
  7. I drove the latest Clio RS a couple of weeks ago. Handled really well, felt pretty quick, brakes were strong. I found the gearbox to be a bit clunky and slow to be honest. The interior was a little strange too.. very simple but cheap feeling (bar the steering wheel and paddles). I'd say go for one if you can live with the gearbox/interior, and can find one for the right $ My 2c
  8. Never heard a bad thing about the ST but i can't stand the interior! Not that the megs is much better.
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