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  1. Hi all, just though I would introduce my self as a brand new 2008 225 Cup owner and i must say i'm already in love (well i was after the test drive). no current plans with any modifications quite happy with how it goes stock, but will probably get bored eventually. i guess at the moment i want to get some tunes happening, the previous owner has put the ipod plug attachment and have ordered the 30 pin to lightning adapter for my iPhone and a holder. having said all that, i do need some help. i have just realized that the center cap on my front drivers side wheel is missing. it is in the photos for the advertisement and i didn't look when i picked it up if it was there or not, so not sure if it fell off. i do know the car went for a RWC and maybe they forgot to put it back on so will go and see when i get back from my work trip. in the mean time if i cant find it. does any one know where i can get replacements from? I saw some on eBay but not sure if it is the right color and does anyone know of the color of the wheels in the photo as i may order one and get it painted? thank you in advance and look forward to get involved in the forums in the near future. Cheers rewel
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