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  1. ravnj023

    New Clio Owner

    Contact ariperformance.
  2. ravnj023

    New Clio Owner

    The perfect simple fitment is 18x8 +45 square. 225/45/18, but I prefer the 17s. There are several fitment combos, but each has its variables or your budget. Msg me on insta @stockcliolol or dm me for any questions.
  3. ravnj023

    New Clio Owner

    Hi Nik, are you from NSW?
  4. You see Haakon, this is why I like you, the Renault scene is pretty unique trust me, unique because it has ppl like you, that's why my mates are making fun of me, which is pretty funny😂. What I do appreciate is that Renault has more mature members(liars or not😆) I don't even bother go into why all cars behave differently to "basic ICE tuning 101 principles"(FFS did you really have to type that much😆) because all cars are unique, even if they have the same engine.
  5. You guys are just plain delusional, and lack of experience, stop reading books, go to tuners or learn to tune yourself and you will find out how utterly ridiculous you guys sound. I'm not upset, it's quiet entertaining to be exact. My mates from other car scenes makes fun of the renault scene, I don't blame them even though I love Renaults.
  6. This is turning into a joke, I hope ppl from other car scenes don't ever read this thread, it's embarrassment for the Renault scene. Most car scenes argue about tuners or aftermarket brands. Here we are in ozRENAULTSPORT talking about 95 and 98 are the same🤯🤯🤯🤪🤪🤣
  7. He did, that's what I originally thought what he wanted, but he just kept going on about some horshit. I think he loves the attention? Idk only he can answer lol.
  8. Your comments are toxic and misleading, just straight out lies. I'm really not sure what you want to gain from this? What's your intention?
  9. I think I'll be Jeremy clarkson, and you can be her😂
  10. If you have bought an RS, then you got the wrong car. Pollution...😂 it may not sound politically correct, RS car enthusiasts talking about gains, functional mods, tracktime here. But you're here talking about pollution. You remind me of her.
  11. You can read the internet reports all day, I'm a supporter of real life results from logs, I can only speak for BP ultimate, because that's what I mainly use, back then when my dad used to drive my car in Melbourne because I work in Sydney, he always used 95, had the same pointless argument with him because he was just like you without the fancy internet reports, did a log in my car with 95 and then did another log after 2 tanks of 98, there were difference in power and L/100km. There is no way to match the same power figure and AFR as UK's 98 without using actual 98 for the same tune. Co
  12. hi gambit, its me jamesy, is the kit in stock? could you pass me sellers paypal? 

    1. Gambit


      Hi Jamesy, should be in stock late Jan. Is that ok ?

  13. Hi there, I've tried Pm but it didnt work. I believe you're the best person to ask about this since not a lot of people have pushed their clios up to where you are. Have you tried or thought about going water meth? I have done dump pipe down pipe filter wagner intercooler and all that, was wondering if the turbo or internals will handle that much more power? 

    1. Womble




      Just seen this, I am on messenger under Ian Willacy, I have not even considered water meth as to me it is not full proof. I like to build my cars for all round use and it to be easy, I dont want to switch between maps as when I am driving if I see an opportunity to pass I dont want to have to think about anything it is just press and go, water meth is like umm better not pass because will I have enough to last me and if it runs out I wont have the power etc etc. Currently I am running 280 bhp and 280 ftlb of torque this is fine and the engine and my turbo build are perfectly happy at those levels. There is more in their but any more will cost a lot of money for little gains. I built my own turbo and we have good low speed response, reasonable high speed power, but importantly the car is a quick B road car, fun to drive good on petrol and reliable.


      if you want any advise I am all ears.



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