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  1. Arki

    New RS225 owner

    Thanks guys, Joestram, really it was your old car?? Was nice to drive for the time I had it! How do you know it was yours? I was wondering if the timing belt was done at 200kms but now it is history... Jen, unfortunately since then things have changed... I killed the engine block, so I sold the car, but it was definitely one of the car I had most fun with! Looking to buy another one as a second car or maybe upgrade it to a Megane 3 RS I would have loved a track day even if the clutch was starting to give some signs of fatigue!
  2. Arki

    New RS225 owner

    RWC has been done without any trouble in Geelong. It depends of the guy checking I guess. At the moment the car has 240 000 kms, but still pushing nicely, except a recent problem of ignition coils. Got them imported from France, it was way cheaper!
  3. Arki

    New RS225 owner

    Hi Griffyn, I will drive by Virage motors sometime this week and see what he says. Do you have any contacts there i could refer to? I have been to see a couple and some of them just heard it and said no it won't pass, but we would be happy to get it sorted for you... (oh really?? ) I will ahve a look at the mounts, because the only problem i really see is when accelerating on full throttle I would say. Thanks for your advice.
  4. Arki

    New RS225 owner

    Thanks for the tip for the gearbox but I think it has been sold. I will check. There is not much thread left on all 4 tyres, I will have them soon replaced, then I will check and if it isn't fixed I will look for an LSD. I have mine in silver, which is according to me not silver but kind of very light blue/silver Thanks guys, Arki
  5. Arki

    New RS225 owner

    Hello Everyone, Great forum you have in here, and I am really looking forward for the track days to use all the potential of this great car. Lots of information you can find on this forum, I ran a quick search but as a new owner of this car I have some more questions. Do you all have so much torque steer, I just find that pushing it to the red zone, it just goes of track! so just wondering if something needs fixing or if someone has the same issue. I have as well another question. my car is fitted with the great K-Tec exhaust, I haven't checked yet if it goes from the turbo or not, but I have to get the RWC to transfer the rego. I checked with the mechanics told me it is not going to pass with that exhaust, I could argue with him that it is the stock one and try to get it done like that but it seems he is not very into agreement, just trying to get some money from me to change the line. Anyone knows someone who could help? I live in Melbourne, car has always been serviced and seems to be in a really good shape. So looking for someone I could borrow the stock exhaust line for the time to get the RWC or some contacts? Cheers, Arki
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