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  1. Upside Down.. Upside Down.. Welcome to the forums.. I hope your time here is fun!
  2. ^^ This is happy news I'm glad you peeps are working on it Thank you Dish... Will there be an option like on the old forum to bookmark etc a post or to select an option to receive notification of update when posting a topic or reply? I see the "follow this topic" up above but not the other old options
  3. You'd hope there was some way to automate it behind the scenes. I wonder if .invisionzone. is the only change to the web address for all posts?
  4. Hi, I've also just found that links within the site don't connect anymore especially in existing topics. I am wondering if anything can be done to link up the search results and also relink the links within posts on the forum as well. e.g. Reading a post, it links to another post and that post link is now broken. e.g. Searching google and the links to the topics are also broken. Is it possible to set up a redirect? This might be an impossible task but I think it has to be investigated.
  5. Minas_G, Hi Minas and thanks for the message. I'm not sure where I will go for servicing and as you say I'll only go there for the major works. I've spoken to them all and they're all characters in their own ways lol.. I would like to test drive a 200 one day. If I become friends with an owner of one maybe they'll let me drive it? Any offers?
  6. We'll see apple Yes it's a really good video for showing just how capable (in the right hands) the little car is.
  7. Thanks for the welcome BUSGO. I hope this becomes a regular hang out area for me
  8. The budget keeps growing Apple3337 lol But as I factor in that one needs a 60k service and timing belt/water pump, insurance etc the choices are getting harder to make. We'll see how they are in person and go from there
  9. Hi Numbnut and Apple. Fingers crossed it's when and not if Numbnut Yes I have. I've driven a couple and I am impressed. Just as much confidence in it as my hot hatch but I am sure it has higher limits One of the ones I drive has a buggered 4th gear and is being fixed by Renault OZ and the dealership. Speaking of belts and pullies has anyone created an upgrade kit for the timing belt etc? aka non plastic? A shop at first but I want to get back into doing the basics like oil and filter and work up from there. And to answer your other question. I'm in Melbs and h
  10. Hi, I hope I'm doing this right lol I am very new to Renault, so new I haven't bought a car yet but from my user name you can guess my area or vehicle of interest. I have been a hot hatch (with sensible upgrades) driver for years and have enjoyed my time with it, but life's short and it's time to live the dream and upgrade my garage. I will say finding a good RS 197 is a hard task. I hope if I do that it gives me as much or more joy for years to come. I'm also here to learn about the ins and outs of the RS 197. I've heard about 3rd and 4th gear issues, bad steering wheel and gear
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