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  1. Just adding something to this thread. Just got my new NC3 MX5 placed on a truck this morning. CEVA didn't have any discount codes running at the time. But I got into the online chat, said that I was a repeating customer. So they applied 10% off. I might have even been able to get 15% off if I asked. I will try that in the future. Cheers!
  2. I missed out on my perfect RS. That Alien Green Clio III that was for sale recently. I was too slow. And I am sure 99% of people on here would've gone for it they saw it. And I suspect if it ever gets listed again. It wont be the same price as the other Clios.
  3. Here you are sir. Its my fiances. Its a good GT car. Automatic unfortunately. But its Invidia Exhaust sounds great and was a well needed upgrade over the super quiet stock exhaust. I would love to see how the manual feels. It was a good pickup for $14500 with 160000kms on it.
  4. My 2011 Porsche Cayman 2.9L Manual arrived in the mail. My 24th Car in 10 years of having a licence. I ended up using the dealers preferred transport team to try something different. They used "SMB Australia Car Transport". The car arrived with zero damage (only had some bug splatter, lots of dust and a had some muddy water residue on the bonnet - not oil). With SMB you do have to track the car via email or phone call for updates. Their live chat didn't give any responses. The car did arrive 2 days late. Apparently they put the wrong Porsche on the truck originally.
  5. Here's an interesting one. I am potentially selling a car to a WA buyer. We were both surprised at the difference in costs. Perth>Adelaide = $400-600 Adelaide>Perth = $790-1200
  6. Have done both CEVA and Door to Door Car Carrying (also subcontracts to CEVA). I find CEVA is the best and also has the lowest ground clearance restrictions compared to the other mobs. CEVA also pretty much always has 10% off, which generally beats all competitors. Try the CEVAGET10 coupon code at checkout. (I think that's the code).
  7. Definitely think LY is a selling point. It Gives off that exotic car look. Shop around. This one in SA is only $24000 at a dealer. You could haggle it down more. But expect a bit more depreciation over the next couple of years. https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Renault-Megane-2014/OAG-AD-14803679/?Cr=0 The Megane RB8 is a great one too, I believe its the only pre facelift with Xenons and R Link 2.0 together. Shame it only came in blue.
  8. If your looking at at the facelifted models. The range is much simpler to understand as the original shape has so many variations. Facelifted models are far as I understand: RS 265 Cup RS 265 Cup Premium RS 275 Cup Premium RS 275 Trophy RS 275 Trophy R I am not sure about 100% specifics of each, very minor changes. All face lifted cars have LSDs, the same infotainment system, brembo brakes etc. Standard Cup comes with just the car (Recaros or big leather heated seats being optional). Premiums add recaro, leather and bigger wheels standard. Trophy gives same as premium, bu
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