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    would this work? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/RENAULT-MEGA ... 739&_uhb=1 Presumably the wiring harness would be the same for Satnav and RS Monitor?? as would the wiring to the ESC button i'd be guessing??
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    Thanks guys, looks like it's satnav for then... still love the car though, Don't suppose there's a way to retrofit RS Monitor 2.0 into a 250 is there?
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    Thanks for the welcome, when you say on the right hand side of the steering column, do you mean next to the Sport Mode button and dashboard light adjuster? if so i only have those two buttons and a blank space, my center console (next to the handbrake) has silver joystick control panel but still no ESC button. I'm really hoping that the satnav doesn't negate the ability to view the RS monitor cause i know which one i'd prefer:)
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    Hello I've just got my first RS on the weekend and have a lot to learn so I thought i'd register here, say g'day and hopefully learn a thing or two about my new baby. It's a 2012 Megane III RS250 Cup Trophie in mercury silver and i'll post some picks next weekend after a good tub. My previous car was an 02 R53 Cooper S with JCW CAI and catback running 19% reduction pully and a few other GoFastBits and whilst the Mini was heaps of fun to drive the Megan is a whole new level.... yep i'm pretty stoked to say the least. Well that's a bit about me and if i can get stupid question number one out of the way: Do you still have access to the RS Monitor display if your car has the satnav option? If so i've just read another thread here that has informed me of the two buttons on the back of the control unit (rear right of the steering wheel) and now i just need to locate ESC button? Sorry for lame questions guys, feel free to ask me anythying on early BMW Mini's if that helps. Cheers, Bubba
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