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  1. Yep Gus was great for me when I bought my Clio. He owns a Meg and knows the brand well. I did most of the work over the phone, then put my personalised plates in a bag and caught the train down to collect the car. Gus picked me up from a local train station and had everything ready for me when I arrived. Although the car had been sitting a while and the battery was flat so I had to wait while they got a new one delivered and installed. Then all the warning lights were on because the battery had been removed so I got a demo RS280 to go to a restaurant while they dropped the car off at the servi
  2. That is interesting. Must be the difference in weather, since it is the opposite of my experience. I haven't crunched data on $/km to see if the extra mileage is worth it though. I tend to use 98 for the detergent package and headroom on hot days rather than performance. And your experience of less performance is opposite too. I have had days on motorbikes where a fresh fill with 95 halfway through the day made the return journey scary with no power and jerkiness. And one day with a 91 fill in Monto where we struggled to overtake semis going uphill! That day sucked! Jam
  3. If that is the one from Crick's you got a screaming deal! James
  4. I like the dark theme, you should be able to have a light and a dark theme. When marking all threads as read it no longer refreshes the page. Have to mark it and hit the unread posts button again to make sure. James
  5. Right. That was fun! Where do I get caps for the noisemaker? What size are they? Thanks. James
  6. Pick it up tomorrow, then ~700km to home Friday and Saturday. Getting pretty excited. James
  7. GTI is end of line. Plenty of people happy to sell me one but no one is interested in getting one for a drive. I am not buying one without a drive! Ordered a Clio IV Sport today. Gonna get it sorted and pay the deposit tomorrow then see what happens. James
  8. I really liked the Sport I took for a drive. Didn't hammer it, I had my wife and the sales girl in there, but it was super nice to drive and way more comfortable than the Mini. Gearbox was weird. I went through the local shopping centre and reverse parked it since that is what gives me the shits whenever I drive a hire car. Pretty sure I could live with it during the week and the rev matching in sport was fun. Hopefully going to drive a 208GTI this weekend and see whether I like it more. It will be more useful since I can stick on a tow bar, comes in manual, and weighs
  9. Hi Everyone, I joined here ages ago, probably looking to repair my Mum's RS225 Megane, but now I am looking to replace my 2004 Mini Cooper S and have my eye on a leasing a Clio Cup. Has anyone driven them both and can offer suggestions if I will like the Clio? I have Enkei's, a smaller pulley and a bit of lightening on the Mini, but the Cup looks to have an extra 40kW, way better brakes and about the same weight. Thanks. James
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