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  1. So glad to hear that you're enjoying her! Yes, but she'll still be the same lil' Clio
  2. Glad to see that she's enjoying her...My son misses his first car quite a lot! He had a lot of fun driving the little Clio, and I'm/he's sure that your daughter will love her just as much! He's also very happy to see her go to such a good home... Thanks again Carlos!
  3. Wakefield Track Day: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=27670
  4. Hello and welcome. You will have good fun with your new Renault purchase
  5. Ha ha ... I get around a bit. Presently I'm near Goulburn, can't you just pop down and do a few happy laps at Wakefield. [emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2] I'll hold out for pics and videos. Cheers. Well, I'm hoping that we can organise a Renault day at Wakefield...So maybe...
  6. Thanks Pricey! Will we be seeing your 225 up in Sydney?
  7. Thanks R182, I shall post results up here...Would also help if you were in Sydney
  8. Dear Crownleyian About this weekends even . Well i am part of AM champ which stands as Australian Car Manufacturer Championship which is a CAMS event and pretty big . We race two Renault , one the RS250 and my car the Clio Rs200 For this weekend i would like to invite all Renault enthusiasts to Easter creek as a Support to the RS250 of FRANCOIS and EDDY . I would like to show Renault driver that there is a RS250 that races in a big class . To all car owners willing to come and support us i will donate a free Renault T-shirt . The race starts in the afternoon so if everyone could be there around 11 am it would be so so good . I will also organise and sponsor a full drive day at Wakefield in the near future for all Renaults car owners . Anyway one step at a time . I would really like to meet you guys and support all of you for all technical support Franck Donniaux
  9. As promised!! My RS 265 - Don't have many at all, will get more when I clean it My Subaru 555 - Race Car My RS Clio 200 - Sadly don't have many photo's as I'm rebuilding her My Old Rs225 Wife's 206 GTi 180 - Race car Clio V6 (sadly sold, and was living with my brother in France) Changed the numberplate of the Clio as it was using a Belgium number plate (thus the change in the pics...The bottom is the oldest and the top is the latest, before I sold it)
  10. Hello Tony I am here now and i really do not know what to do here as i am useless . I am glad that you liked the ride , i have decided to build a new pump pipe and full exhaust for it starting next week as i will not be racing the clio at Eastern Creek this weekend in the cams AM champ series . I would like to organize as many forum people from here to come and take a drive to Eastern Creek this weekend to support us in the Megane RS250 as its racing . Tony can you please help me to organize this please
  11. Andrewwwwwwwww why aren't you working on my project . When am my going to add 25% extra on that DS3 of yours Mate???
  12. Hey Wade, Don't worry this is purely sharing the love I have for these cars - although I might PM one of the admins as I also custom make exhausts and I'm planning on putting up some photos of my work (not sure if this is classed as marketing though as it's more or less a show and tell, and if people like it then I'd be happy to do it for them) And in regards to the figures of the 265, it's a computer that we import from Germany (still uses the genuine maps from Renault)
  13. Hey everyone, Franck here from Gosford European Long story short, I've been in the European Car Mechanic field for over 20 years, and I specialise in Renaults (being French I've always loved them). I only just found out about ozrenaultsport (I stayed away from forums for quite a while as they didn't interest me too much since I'm not very computer literate). I'm now here to help you guys out with anything car related...From performance upgrades to car problems, you can rely on me (just send a PM or post on this forum if you would specifically like my help) I'm going to start creating a 'forum presence' with the help of my son. First up, we're going to create a forum in the 'General Renault Sport' section about my cars/race cars and a little about the workshop. Anyway, I think that's enough from me, and keep your eye out in the General forum for my post Thanks,
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