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  1. yeah maybe, but I'm now in my 5th month so same thing ... wait and see - thanks tension
  2. hmmm, but I still don't have the option of "new topic" ... I simply cannot add to the for sale section>
  3. Hi guys, I've been a member for over 3 months (I think? lol) and can't seem to list in the for sale section? Please advise -Chris
  4. mschu7

    INTRO: R27....

    Welcome to the club Sel!
  5. Good to hear from you again. Thought you'd gone missing... I haven't got it yet. I've booked a flight and ferry for Aug 9. I am busy doing house sort of stuff and the car has to wait. I've never driven the 200 so it will be interesting to compare. I'm not sure about Winton. Is it open to track newbies? Anyway I'll have to see how it works out since I'm a family man and all that. BTW I picked it up for 25k plus ORC. I thought that was a pretty good deal. Hopefully the car is in good nick! I'm looking forward to the drive from Launceston to Devonport. Hi Andrew, Yeah I might re name myself the Phantom...I'm struggling for free time atm! ...you must be itching for the car now - Under 2 weeks away! $25k + Orc is a great deal , considering these were at one stage near $40k vehicles! RE Winton, you can simply get a level 2 speed licence through CAMS if you wish...cost is something like $70. All you need to do is join an accredited car club that hosts track days etc. very minimal cost involved. OR, just come along for the drives and be a spectator at Winton...there may be passenger lap sessions? I'm not sure on this though - will check with Moosey. Can't wait to hear your feedback on the car btw! P.S. When you get it, change the oil straight away (I believe it has 8k on the odo?) for something like Helix Ultra 5w-40 - reasonably priced and cannot fault under all conditions. I would also change the gearbox oil for Fuchs Sintofluid 75w80 full syn. Preventative maintenance my friend, and with these gearboxes a very cheap investment to what can occur! You'll be amazed on the number of metallic findings after the run in period! PM if you need instructions on what to do and oil quantities etc. Chris
  6. Hi Andrew, Sorry I didn't respond to your message sooner...been offline due to work commitments. ...so we have another RS owner!! Good on you my friend! I know the one, I was eying it off on Carsales, nice looking bit of kit So, by now I imagine you've taken delivery? Will you be attending Winton in September?
  7. Yeah, I sympathise! Sometimes we have to do these things... No matter, I'm sure you'll get back in to it when the time is right.
  8. Hi apple3377, EOFY! Sorry for the late reply. Well in terms of passenger or instructor sessions, these are frequent in the Sprints or just an Advanced Open Day whereby you can come for a few flying laps in the Clio and (if you're willing) then take your Focus out and I'll navigate you through (you driving of course). The Focus will be good fun, good chassis and great torque being Diesel. Certainly I'll need to look in to it but let's put out there and make a plan
  9. Hey Moosey, I'm from Melbourne. What's the story with newbies getting into track work? I've got no interest in racing but when I finally get around to buying a new Clio 3, I'd like to blast around with an instructor. Another thing. Is there a Victorian sub group of Clio 3 lovers on this forum? How cool would it be to get a whole bunch of Clios together?! Have any of you guys done hill climbing or Motorkhana? Cheers. Hi apple3337, re Hill climbs, every time I depress the starter and head through Eltham! Lol No seriously, if you want to do some track work, I think us Melbourne Clio 3 owners should look at track days together. RE lessons from an instructor, I am absolutely happy to help you here... and this is not intended as a "i am better than you" to others on here - I am aware I've only been on here 2mins! I have experience in this area Cheers
  10. Cheers BUSGO, I look forward in sharing my findings and getting to know all the other petrol heads on here!
  11. Unfortunately I cannot make it today... Definitely the next outing!
  12. Apologies "Moosey" - it's late!
  13. Hi Moosie, Well certainly I'm envious! Silverstone in any car would just be brilliant! ...steering it through backwards, yet to do that but I'm sure it's possible! Actually one of the most predictable and lively cars I've ever owned was the VW VR6. It's limits are far lower than the 200, however they share more similarities from a driving perspective than many would expect. ...I'm really itching to get down to Sandown now - just waiting on my set of bebop wheels with semi slicks to do the job!
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