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  1. Hey mate, how much did you sell your car for and how many kays did it have?


  2. Hi Brendan Can I also please have picture viewing privileges? Makes it tricky to join a conversation when you can't see what people are talking about...
  3. Thanks for the advice and welcome
  4. The issue that's really bugging me is a noise that comes from the front end...I thought front left, but when my friend was in the passenger seat, he reckoned front right Happens either taking off quickly (from get go), or around 3.5k to 5k rpm. Doesn't happen when the wheels aren't under load (on hoist, in gear). Top engine mount is new and looks ok. Dogbone mount looks good. Had a look at the mount under the battery yesterday, and it was loose and out of alignment. Realigned an tightened... Still makes the noise. Could this be top suspension mounts or driveshaft issue? Other issues (most seem common...): Body needs work, dings, overspray, scratches, faded roof (working on this bit by bit) Gearbox whine in first and reverse Gearbox leak near selector arm Inner driveshaft boot Dead aircon Windscreen washers don't work Exhaust mounts Shocks rooted (Planning on new dampers and 30mm drop springs after tax return...) Wheels need refurb Has cheap-and-cheerful tyres... (Good ones to come after tax time...) Rough idle (new plugs on the way... Maybe coilpack?)
  5. Hello all, bought a 2002 172 a couple of weeks ago in Sydney, from a forum member, I think. It was cheap, but has a few issues... I'm lucky enough to have a step dad who's a retired mechanic, with a car hoist in his back yard, so issues can be fixed if they can be identified! I've been lurking here for a few weeks, and have just figured out why I can't see the damn pics, so will post tech issues in another post to get my count up... I also have a 98 Peugeot gti6 (currently without an engine, hence picking up the Clio) and a 2010 Golf Gti, that's had a custom tune and puts out 159kw at the wheels. Cheers Rory
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