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  1. Noice! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  2. Sadly, neither of these are of any use if I'd like to read the latest unread posts in the threads I'm interested in (using the "find first unread post" button on the old site). Using /discover/unread/ makes me trawl through ALL the unread posts across the site, AAARRRGHHH. Also, the difference between "read" and "unread" posts is a very subtle one for these tired eyes. Is there any way to change the colour or make the difference more obvious?
  3. ​Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to work. I've selected 'remember me' when logging in, but when I later try to access a bookmarked forum during a new browser session, I end up on a page titled "Sorry, we can't find that!" followed by a statement that I don't have permission to view that forum, and that I should log in. ​The old system had a 'log me in automatically' setting that worked like a charm, taking me straight to the requested page. ​Any other suggestions?
  4. Ok, here's another question... How do you set the preferences to log in automatically so I can bookmark certain forum pages directly? (Like we could before) Thx ​ ​
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