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  1. I can't seem to log out of the forum properly, everytime I log out, it always log me back in the following time I visit the forum.... regardless of hours or days later...
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    Welcome~ I used to have a 2007 NC MX-5! Until someone T-boned me that is....(Additional Chassis braces probably saved me) You wouldn't happen to be driving along on the intersection of Westall/Heatherton Roads on Saturday arvo? ... Had a White RS250/265 flashed me and I gave him a peace sign LOL... How did you get a 2014 RS265? Was told by the dealer that all remaining Trophy+ stock are 2013 built... Anyway! Welcome!
  3. Thanks Bud~ Found it hahahahahah! The GPS doesn't show the speed does it?
  4. Well, picked up the car.... And true to the forum peeps in here... The car does squeak! I am getting a slight squeak coming from the back of the car, not sure where yet but I'm going to try and dig in this weekend and find where it may be coming from... Could be anything from the parcel shelf to an interior panel.. Not sure... Gave the car a nice wash (Was raining), settled it into the garage... Stared at it for 30 minutes... Stoning away at how much effort it takes to wash it as there are a lot of nooks and crannies that can collect water/soap! Then spent another 30 minutes figuring out all the techno gadgets in the car (There are so many ways to lock the car LOL)... I grew up with carbys and simple technology so I have a lot to figure out hahahaha! Anyone knows how to change the time on the integrated GPS screen? It's sort of correct but I have OCD and I need it to be the same as my watch and mobile hahahahah!
  5. Note to self... Do what rado does.... Hope to see ya fellow RS owners on the road........! OzRS do car decals? Maybe that'll help identify members of this forum !
  6. Thanks for the Welcome RS peeps.... I've had a couple of black cars in the past and the paintwork is a pain to maintain (i.e washing the side of the car vertically etc etc etc). Wanted white but don't know how I ended up with the Black, clever sales pitch I guess TBH, I don't see a lot of Megane RS of any variants on the roads of Melbourne, is it because it's not a "popular" hot hatch or is it because of people like me who only use it once in a while? Nonetheless, I really look forward to picking it up and putting my hands on the steering wheel.. Albeit the unsightly white stitching on the top of the wheel LOL!
  7. Hi~ Just signed up to this forum because I just bought the RS Sports 265 Trophy+ in Black~ Can't wait to pick it up! Is it true that Renault doesn't have any 2014 stock and that all new stock are 2013? Walked into the Renault dealer to look at buying a 265 Cup but I got won over by the extras such as a glass roof that doesn't open hahahaha in the Trophy+ and signed my name for one.... My offset account for my mortgage is not going to like it very much but I am absolutely loving the car! Interior is rather bland but driving dynamics kicks the sh*t out of my other shortlists that I tried (MPS3, Scirocco R, Focus ST). Coming from a long list of Japanese makes and tinkling a lot with them, this is my first Euro car after my last Jap car got written off by a careless P Plater who T-Boned me and gave me a nice stay at the Alfred...... Can't wait to start tinkling with the car, will certainly be going through this board to look parts recommendations and what not! Cheers All~
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