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  1. Sweet! Which Rs did you get? and how did you convince the mrs and how much did you get it for? I have a baby seat in the car, although it's not the easiest to access but still.. I got the car and it does the job
  2. Welcome Tom! Newbie here too and from Sydney. I'm still getting to understand the car language and all myself. There's hundreds of forums on here though that i'm sure will be able to help you out.
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    Yeah ok so it is normal. Thanks! Hehehe yeah well just making sure other drivers are getting the same readings that's all. Thanks for the response Dedbny
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    does anyone here know any good trusted renault mechanics/workshops in Sydney? the brakes are squeaky which I thought was normal when it's cold.. but even when the cars been driven for a bit.. it's still squeaking. also... i'm getting an average of 10L/100km readings on my car...however if I use the cruise control is goes down between 8-10L/100km... anyone else getting lower readings? Any response is greatly appreciated
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    @walkie86 - Here in Sydney West area and I got the RENAULT MEGANE III D95 SPORT 265 TROPHY contemplating of whether I should take it to eastern creek though i've never done it before. @Dedbny - Honestly, there's not much around.. but yeah hopefully the more the better. I hear there's more in Melbourne than in Sydney though. @Numbnut - Yes indeed. I test drove it just once and had to get it. How does the Clio go?
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    Hi All! After seeing the Renault Megane RS265 once last year, it has definitely left an impression on me.. and so recently I just purchased my very own Renault Megane RS 265 couple of weeks ago. Looking forward to read/learn about more Renault topics on this site! Darn i missed the 10th Anniversary... next time I guess.
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