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  1. Personally I've owned a few WRXs including a modified Version 6 STI, and a 265 an currently a 275 Megane. Performance wise it's easy if you want extra from a WRX however I found the handling of the Megane far exceeds the Subaru. The price point of a wrx maybe lower, but creature comforts are better in the Renault. I've only got the 275 for a few more months before I change over to an S3 Audi, which is a different experience again.
  2. Great road , even better when you reach Walcha turn right a head to Mt Seaview there is a section about 50km long still 100km/h limit and full of 25-35 km/h bends. I try to get my fix from the central coast a back every few months. Or to do the trip in reverse head out through Yarramlong valley west of Wyong. Up Bumble hill out to Buckettys way to Cessnock. Just watch the bikes cutting corners and boys in blue through this way as the speed limit is restricted most of the way.
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