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  1. Afkap

    My new RS Brisbane

    Man that looks so damn good...
  2. Afkap

    The grin begins...

    Love that colour, the car looks hot!
  3. Afkap

    G'day from Adelaide!

    Sigh. Yup, looks like I'd be shooting myself in the foot if I bought a Clio and took it down to Sale with me... Had a quick google search of the Gippsland area, no Euro or French dealers or specialists near Sale.
  4. Afkap

    G'day from Adelaide!

    Hey guys, Just found out I'll be moving mid next month to Sale in Victoria for work... Anyone know of a mechanic down there who can work on Renaults? Part of me is saying getting a French car and taking it out into the country may be a bad idea. Can a normal mechanic work on a Clio or am I pushing my luck?
  5. Afkap

    G'day from Adelaide!

    Yeah, the cheaper one looks a bit tatty inside and doesn't have much history provided. Plus not a fan of the amp stuck in the boot... The other one is expensive and a fairly long drive to the South. The hassle of getting the car back to SA was worth it for the one I was looking at in NSW. Not sure it is for a more expensive one. Plus I could swing getting a third car with the missus if it was cheap, not so sure she'll bite on a $5000 one
  6. Afkap

    G'day from Adelaide!

    Bugger, the car sold just as I was about to contact him! Hehe, that's life. Pain in the a*** trying to organize getting over there and getting it back to SA made me delay. Back to the drawing board.
  7. Afkap

    G'day from Adelaide!

    I didn't know about the key to get to the wheel nuts, thanks for that. I'll include that on my check list! And I did read about the unique socket needed on this forum. Remember reading it can be had off ebay for $8?
  8. Afkap

    G'day from Adelaide!

    Very handy to know someone who can service your car Azz! And themarvel, one thing I like about the Clio is it looks a bit easier to work on. I'll no doubt eventually start doing some of the work on it myself, or at least try to?!
  9. Afkap

    G'day from Adelaide!

    First time I've ever heard a dealer recommended, but great to hear themarvel2004, thanks. Can anyone shed any light on basic servicing costs? Sorry for all the questions!
  10. Afkap

    G'day from Adelaide!

    One other question guys, where are Adelaide people getting their cars serviced? I refuse to use main dealers. I'll only go through specialists.
  11. Afkap

    G'day from Adelaide!

    Thanks for the advice guys! As some have stated, the high kilometres the car has done is a worry. Based off the ad though, it looks like most of the big ticket items mentioned here were done about 14,000k’s ago. The clutch potentially being knackered is a good point. I recently replaced mine on the Alfa, not a cheap exercise!? It’s good to hear that the engine, if looked after, is a reliable one. @ Icecup; Good to see a former 147 GTA owner likes the Clio. @ Azz2811; Many thanks for the offer! I’m based in Norwood, expect a PM in the next day or two  All help much appreciated guys. I’ll now start comparing some slightly more expensive ones on carsales.
  12. G’day guys! Been lurking on this forum for a while now. I live Eastern suburbs of Adelaide at the moment, although this may change soon, and may end up in Townsville or Sydney mid year for work. I love my cars, currently own an Alfa 156 GTA and a Mercedes C32 AMG. Have been a massive fan of the Renault Clio since I went for a ride in a mate’s standard Clio 1.6, many years ago. Am considering down sizing the number of cars I own, and moving onto a cheaper to run hatchback. My research has brought me back to the Renault Clio 172. I’m hoping to run just a Clio as my daily to and from work (about 60kms each day, mix of stop start through Adelaide and freeway up north). Hoping the fuel bill will come down a bit, along with insurance and basic maintenance! Although I am familiar with quirky cars and appreciate that with something like the Clio, basic maintenance may be a bit more expensive. I’m not an idiot on the roads, but have always appreciated having some performance. The Clio seems to tick all my performance boxes. Yes the car isn’t going to perform as well as the Alfa and Merc, but I don’t care much these days for straight line raw power. From the reviews I’ve read, the Clio seems to drive quite well! Guys, am I going to be disappointed in the Clio 172? I haven’t had the chance to look at any in person yet. I have seen a couple are up for sale in the forum, this one in particular has me interested: viewtopic.php?f=48&t=26219 Can anyone offer thoughts on it? It appears that the guy looks after his cars, which I like. Also, he's a member here, which I like! My biggest worry is its sitting at 208,000km. That’s getting quite high. Is this going to be a big issue soon? Is the engine going to blow up in another 10,000kms? Can anyone offer some advice on this one? Thanks in advance guys, looking forward to hopefully becoming a contributing member soon!
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