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  1. JackJack

    Clio 197 [BNE]

    Awesome car! It's always nicer to start with a Clio 2 first but the Clio 3 is definitely the one. Will you be taking it to Lakeside?
  2. JackJack

    172 to 197

    Hit hurt like f**k. Airbags went off when the guy initially hit me, sent car into spin and when the car hit telegraph pole those bags were already deflated, so my head got some pillar action. Poor, poor Clio. The guy drove over a "Left turn only" concrete divider to go straight then T boned me.... Why can I not view photos?
  3. JackJack

    172 to 197

    quick google search says a MILF pornstar Jack how nasty was the damage.. Ps. Don't like your taste in pornstars. She's not for me, just couldn't think of anything dirtier than her...
  4. JackJack

    172 to 197

    I feel like I'm providing the car with some well deserved rest. Do you need those 172 headlights sorted out?
  5. JackJack

    172 to 197

    I'm new here... I have met some of you around the place, I'm Jack and I am the owner of Buddy's R27, I previously had a 172 which was amazing but left me a tad heart broken after some prick slammed it like it was Ava Devine... It's been a pretty garbage week of Clio ownership so far but things can only improve! I'll probably come for drives and track days but don't expect much. Cheers !!
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