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  1. I've used allcarpartsfast.co.uk a couple of times, they've been OK. Or KTEC if I'm already ordering some performance bits. You need to know the part number though, as searching by make and model was not great.
  2. Dilly

    New 225 Cup Owner

    Cheers guys, will try to take some pics after she's been cleaned up.
  3. Hi All, Thought I should introduce myself, been lurking for a little while but only just pulled the trigger. Just purchased a 225 Cup in black, excited about it, but yet to actually see it in person! It's currently in Perth in a mates garage waiting for shipment east. Owned a wide range of cars over the years from Corolla's to BMW's, Audi's and even an RX3. Haven't owned a turbo for a while, I've owned 3 turbo cars, and blown 6 turbo's so hoping I'm old enough & wise enough now to avoid that this time round. Loving the info I've already found on this site, I'm sure there'll
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