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  1. You wont see serious competitors on a come & try day, its strictly for kids & learners. Get on the MGCCN site & look at the calender.
  2. Join local Newcastle area MGCCN or get along to some local motorsport events & you will find a couple of very serious RS' indeed. More about motorsport than cruising around town though.
  3. Join one of the local clubs & get involved in some motorsport instead.
  4. This thread has disappeared & just says topic moderation ? wtf ? http://ozrenaultsport.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/22645-rs01-footage/
  5. How do u post up a youtube link? besides copy & paste of course.
  6. G,day Scott. The A&D is the best spec'd 200 released here, good choice. Plenty of worthwhile upgrades available if you know what your doing... exhaust, headers, tune, suspension, brake pads & lines, tyres, mounts, weight loss, etc. Great car the 200/197 but far from perfect & like all cars there are always production compromises that can be improved upon. Go on http://www.clio197.net & you'll find much more useful/knowledgable Clio III info than on here.
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