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  1. CWM

    Sydney supremacy!

    Sure, I'm interested in a photo shoot. Definitely coming to the cruise, that's the main reason why I joined here, haha. Thanks Homer, your profile pic is pretty racy as well
  2. CWM

    Sydney supremacy!

    Without giving too much away, the same as you, inner west
  3. CWM

    Sydney supremacy!

    It deserves better than an iPhone camera
  4. CWM

    Sydney supremacy!

    Hi guys, bought a liquid yellow rs 200 edc cup a month ago and loving the hell out of it. Dealer told me that there's only 40 cars imported into Australia in that colour. I dunno how accurate that statement is but I haven't yet seen another car in that colour and it certainly gets a lot of attention from other road users.
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