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  1. HoboJoe

    One of us

    Thanks peoples! Yeah I was afraid that if I didn't get one he would just go crazy and launch an assault on my heavily guarded villa killing all non clio owners. SNkC_ABia2s
  2. HoboJoe

    One of us

    Hello to everyone! Well it has taken many years of pleading and grovelling but DanielG has finally convinced me to buy a Clio. I picked up a fantastic mint 2004 clio 182 in beautiful french racing blue (with the white gordini stripes for extra power) about a week ago from one of the forum members (Spiz). It was an issue free transaction which was most welcomed as the previous attempts at purchasing had been quite unlucky. The car is so much fun to drive and I hope to join in the forum festivities when I can. Modifications will not begin until I find a job!
  3. Hello everyone, Unfortunately I was on the other end of this kerfuffle. What eventuated was a waste of everyone's time and money, and could have ended very unpleasantly. The fact that Riley was lied to with the seller responsibilities also unfulfilled tainted this even further. Kosta
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