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  1. nrok

    renault 5 gt turbo

    sorted out the pics yet?.
  2. nrok

    hello hello..

    the old corner store..
  3. nrok

    hello hello..

    yes sounds great, I'm on the north side of sydney.
  4. nrok

    hello hello..

    im aiming to get to wakefield at the end of the month for the first outing!
  5. nrok

    hello hello..

    OZRENAULTSPORT Nationals sounds like fun.. not much track time at all, looking to do the speed of the streets type days, not sure if i could fund a sprint series or have enough track time yet, although that would be my goal to get to that..
  6. nrok

    hello hello..

    yes, location might help! im in sydney. It will remain road registered,
  7. nrok

    hello hello..

    Hi all, great forum (can't figure out how yo post pics yet), finding lots of info on my new toy, just bought a well looked after bog stock rs 172 with the hopes of getting plenty of track time in it. Day one involved stripping the interior, painting wheels, stuffing round with resistors to clear the rear belt pretensioners (still can't get it to clear!). So far really enjoying it. Does the forum run track days?
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