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  1. I have this gear knob purchased from the dealer- it is genuine RS
  2. http://www.racespectuning.com.au/
  3. I've just invested in a Koya downpipe fitted by Renotech + stage 1 tune by Race Spec, very happy with end result.
  4. Welcome, not sure what Alfa you had previously. Miss my GTA to death save for the massive running costs. RS 250/265 a different story albeit I purchased mine new. Provided you buy a well cared for example ideally with low kms, running costs won't be anything out of the ordinary. Good luck in your search, these are great cars and fantastic value.
  5. Hi Aress and a warm welcome to Oz Renault. Good to see you have made your decision, yes you will miss the Busso as per myself and RBH however you will find the overall RS package to be way superior. That said be warned, the Busso virus does linger !!!
  6. I'm one year into RS265 ownership, no issues. Am on a capped price servicing plan which is also applicable to the 275. Very happy with the quality of the product, running costs well below those of my previous car,an Alfa 147 GTA. Go for it!
  7. The fuel rail had been placed two years prior however is theory no 1. At the most recent service, electrical work was carried out - replaced burnt wiring. Electrical problem is therefore theory no 2 - anyway it is all academic now!
  8. Hi Pokinacha, the GTA caught fire a year ago http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/north-shore/alfa-romeo-bursts-into-flames-in-st-ives/story-fngr8h9d-1226843688296 Being an Alfista, logical replacement was a GQV however I just could not get satisfied. The RS was as close as I could get to a GTA and does so many things better save for not making a Busso noise ! I had firmly decided not to down the path of buying a GTA again or even a GT. I loved that GTA and had brought it up to first class condition but it was my daily and the ongoing financial outlay to keep it schmick was significa
  9. Totally agreed! Look at my "resume" of cars......."from the heart" resonates with me eg Alfa and now RS ownership Fact be known my resume excludes several cars purchased "from the head." Typically these cars have been lacking..... ownership has been dissatisfying.
  10. Photos and story ! http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslo ... 6843688296
  11. Cheers, because I'm coming out of an Alfa and have had previous Renault ownership I'm looking forward to the quirkiness. I simply could not live with a car that has no character or personality, have been there before and won't go back. Your Mito looks great by the way.
  12. Thanks, I have had the staring problem for some time, after my Alfa was written off the decision to acquire was an easy one.

    RS 265 Cup+

    Hi all, Have recently purchased a new RS265 Cup + in Glacier White. Delivery in approx a fortnight. Cant wait. What a great car, so competent. Previous car was an Alfa 147 GTA which I lost to fire a month or so ago. This will be my second Renault, my first was a 15TS. Since then mostly Alfas. Was hard to move away from Alfa's as I consider myself to be an Alfista. So I've now purchased a Renault, well at least it was from the heart ! Tossed up waiting for the upgraded 265, however am not a fan of the new look front end plus the run out deals on the Cups are attractive
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