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  1. Hey mate,

    Saw your post on your 140i and it's awesome, you've pretty much done everything i plan on doing!

    Just a quick question about a few of the mods if you don't mind.

    Would you say the pure800 is worth it?  I'm currently on a stage 2+  98 tune with a dorch pump like yours.

    I'm having b16s fitted this week and a diff to go in if sydney ever opens up again and i can get the car up to Advan.  I've got the Superpro LCAs, Front strut brace and underbody brace.  Would you recommend any other of the suspension mods you've done as really worthwhile?  It's my wife's daily so I don't want to go to hardcore with the NVH/ride etc.

    Thanks mate!

  2. Forum is now showing new content but now I cant edit any of my posts
  3. shhhhhh!! Don't let these guys know that... http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/index.php?/topic/28779-wheel-nut-torque-setting/?fromsearch=1
  4. Apart from the Clio, am i wrong in saying the others are no where near 35k?
  5. Vote for gloss black roof/spolier. No to the sides.
  6. $2172 + freight + fitting & painting. I'd say not many people are prepared to pay 10% of the cars worth for a spoiler. Good on you AllanSK8 for getting exactly what you wanted. Its the you price pay for individuality ????
  7. As i understand Paul's tune is now locked but were previously unlocked. (As confirmed through email with Paul)
  8. hey mark i sent you a PM just seeing if you received it. cheers vic

  9. hi henk just seeing if have received my message i sent late last week:

  10. RS-two-timer


    Welcome. Which dealership did go buy from?
  11. Thanks for the welcome. I'm thinking the RS because it'll be my daily driver and my girlie will be able to drive it. I want to keep it standard.. ish.. bar some aftermarket OZ racing wheels, h&r coils... Oh dear lol Finding a fiesta tovtest drive is difficult at the moment and there is around a realistic 3 month wait for one. The fact that the Clio is a 5 door hatch which looks like a 3 door makes it a little more easy to live with.
  12. Hi folks, I've joined this forum to get more info about the release of the 2013 RS200 Clio. Depending on availability of the Clio post release date, I'm 90% sure I am going to purchase one. A close second choice is the Fiesta ST and then the Pug 208 gti. If Ford Australia releases the Mountune option, then the ST goes to the top of the list. This will possibly be my 2nd RS, but my first Renault. My other RS is a Ford Sierra RS Cosworth Looking forward to exchanging ideas and getting some good info. Cheers!
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