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  1. Add a cupra splitter for another 25BHP
  2. CP9AVI

    Hi all!!!

    Hi Tonba, welcome to the forum, I am coming from a very similar position, have my weekend/track Evo TME 6.5 and recently caught the RS bug, simply love driving my Clio around as a daily. I have a 182 as I prefer the tactile nature of the manual shift. You're not going to regret moving onto RS's. This forum is great and full of lots of helpful advice and people. Can't wait to hear more about your Evo though.
  3. CP9AVI

    Hi there

    I'm always keen for a drive, Wade isn't interested unless its on a track;'/
  4. CP9AVI

    Hi there

    Cheers for the friendly welcome guys
  5. CP9AVI

    Hi there

    TPB's all the way..... season 8?????? Nice
  6. CP9AVI

    Hi there

    Definitely keeping the Tommi, need a Clio for a little more stealth
  7. CP9AVI

    Hi there

    Hi Walkie..... sadly I'm just another one looking for a blue F1 or even better a blood orange model. Will def post pics when my 182 arrives
  8. CP9AVI

    Hi there

    Cheers Ace, Wade has to catch me before he can hit me !!
  9. CP9AVI

    Hi there

    Hi guys, Just a quick message to introduce myself. A long time Evo fan with a soft spot for a Clio. Picking up a 182 cup shortly and simply can't wait. Looking forward to being an active member of the forum as I heard some great stories about this site! Cheers Simon
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