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  1. Gillzy

    New fella!

    Still looking guys! Haha
  2. I didn't know about the FB I'll search it up Works well over there just thought id drop the idea
  3. You would be surprised of what can be achieved on them! My mirage a 2.0 turbo in it, was great fun!
  4. I know I am new here, and could perhaps get flamed for the idea.. but here goes. I am currently still on the mirage/lancer forums as I had one of them a while back and even though I have personally owned for in a couple of years I love the forum, the community on there and the layout.. which as it seems uses the same forum layout as OZRS Now something that I believe works well with them is on the home page of the forum is they have a IM chat.. its great for the quick question, talking crap, and getting the community together. You get to know a few of the boys (and girls) better and its
  5. Gillzy

    New fella!

    what Subaru dealership guys, I have the day off tomorrow and would head straight down!
  6. Gillzy

    New fella!

    Hi guys, the hunt had been put on hold for a fair while but things are back on track If anybody knows of a good knick clio I'm willing to travel and buy ASAP Cheers guys, Aiden
  7. Gillzy

    New fella!

    hey all My names Aiden, 19, from Melbourne. Currently drive a 1997 318is Sport, but she's starting to drink the fuel and is a little to big for the usual Uni/Work/Beach trip so currently looking at buying a 172/182 Renault Sport! Hope to tackle some twisties with Vic members soon
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