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  1. I can confidently say that for all the larger work that i cant be bothered with (brakes, timing belt etc) i take my car to Colin and his team at Alpine affair, they know the Renault Sports extremely well, prices arent cheap but reasonable (work on one then youll realise why no one is cheap) great customer service as well. Also Auto Paris on Lexton road in Box hill North just off Middleborough road are ok, customer service is in the low levels and prices are extremely high, especially for all the wear and tare items such as track rods, bushing, engine mounts etc, and the few times ive been there the shop is full of citroens and pugeot, barely any Renaults! Never been to Virage because theyre a bit too far, but ive heard great things! Also from a megane owners perspective having driven the 197 and 200, i preffered the 200. A bit more refined and extra grunt!
  2. Minas_G

    RS265 Newbie

    When you think nup im over it, not exciting anymore... get an RSTuner for it... instant hard on again haha
  3. Welcome to the world of RS! Ive been meaning to test drive one for a while now. Would love to see some pics, and pics of interior as well! Hows the updated centre console?
  4. Thanks guys. I've been looking at the remote remapping tool from Ktec in England. Would it be worth doing it remotely via them or get a Renault tuning house to do it in Melbourne?
  5. Yeah next sunny day we have in Melbourne ill grab out the SLR and get good some good shots! Don't want to go crazy on the modifications, but I'm prett sure ill be doing a larger inter cooler, high flow cc, good tune and possibly a cold air intake for it (I'm a but iffy on changing the intake though) I already put some clean 5000k Xenons in the projector lamps, matched it with LED's just to give it a clean look! What are some good modifications to take the Megane up a tiny notch?
  6. Hey all, Minas here, i bought my 2006 225 F1 about 4 months ago, and ive never looked back. I bought it with 70k on the clock and so far so good, its been reliable and a whole heap of fun! I had an FG XR6 before this, but last year i went to the Nurburgring and rented an R26.R from the guys at RSR, and as you can imagine i fell in love it, came back to Australia, sold the Falcon (best thing i ever did) and got the Megane! So far it's a great car, but i want a little bit more power from it. I think the brakes are fantastic, the handling is ok (for now) and it just needs some really good rubber on it. Where is a good place to take it to in Melbourne? Thanks everyone!
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