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  1. 63x1092 out of curiosity why do you not recommend a 172?
  2. Is there a noticeable difference driving and feel wise between the 182 and 182 cup?
  3. nath81

    New Clio 182 owner

    Looking at the service history from the previous owner there are a few things im not sure about. 1/ On two occasions it metions belt compressor replaced. What is this? Is it different from the accessory belt (one of the receipts mentions both). 2/ An engine oil cleaner has been used for some servicing, is this really necessary if oil has been replaced every 10-12 thousand kms? 3/ Injector cleaners, should we use them if we are always filling up on 98 unleaded? Please let me know if i'm posting this in the wrong area.
  4. nath81

    New Clio 182 owner

    Hey nemz and Jeffie, I'm around Liverpool as well!! Tried to upload photos but i dont think this forum allows it for new members.
  5. nath81

    New Clio 182 owner

    Thanks guys. I will upload some photos tomorrow. Anyone on this forum from south western part of Sydney?
  6. nath81

    New Clio 182 owner

    For minor servicing im going to my local mechanic or doing it myself, however for the major service ie timing/acc belt i was thinking of using Paul V as recommeded by many. I was wondering for the major service is it more cost effective to source the parts and give them to Paul or just let him order the parts? What do you guys do?
  7. nath81

    New Clio 182 owner

    Anyone know where i can find a list of part numbers for the 182?
  8. nath81

    New Clio 182 owner

    Thanks for all the welcoming posts guys. I was close to buying a golf gti but opted out at the last minute and then came across this one. Back in 2004 I got a sales brochure and who would have thought 9 years later I'd get the car! I don't have any pics as yet but it's black. I've already told myself that i'm never going to get rid of it!
  9. Hi everyone, I'm a proud new owner of a 182 Cup. Yes I know they are a few years old and most of you have probably been there and moved on, but I just love the car. I can see what all the fuss was about. I have plently of reading to do on these forums! Just thought I'd introduce myself and apologise in advance for asking any stupid questions.
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